End of Term at the Nambale Magnet School


March 29, 2018 - We are now at 380 learners and bursting our banks!

A great highlight for the period has been the presence of two young students from San Francisco, Tule & Timmy, who took a gap year from college and chose to spend some time at the school. In the eight weeks they spent at NMS, they uninhibitedly interacted with learners and staff, taught learners to play Ukeleles, which they came with; started book clubs and read with the learners; worked on creative arts and spent generous time with them in the field.

Academic Staff with Tule and Timmy, Volunteers from San Francisco

Tule & Timmy also did a 'gofundme' campaign that helped to pay for solar panels on chicken houses, plus paying someone to do a documentary on our school. Tule & Timmy added value to the school. They embody the kind of internship we need at the school and in the coming weeks we will be work out a structure that will draw more volunteers or interns to the school.

Another highlight was the renown prize-giving day (awards day) where we honor top learners and best workers. This is one event that draws many parents to gather in the school. Prize-giving day motivates learners and staff to dedication. This boosts our academics, given that it is the main business of the school. We aim to build a culture of hard work, determination and success.

With two classes have graduated into high school, we are holding teachers and learners accountable for excellent results. The Grade 8 class and their teachers took a trip to a top school near Kisumu and drew valuable lessons that we will implement. 

Extracurricular activities have also featured in the school. This time there was drama competition, which we did well at local level but ousted at the next level. This experience is great since our learners gain confidence while performing before large audiences.

We end the term with high expectations in the year. Next term which commences at the end of April after a three week break, we will add French as an additional language to be taught in school. This will certainly add value to the learners and set us apart in the region.
May I take this opportunity to wish you a great holy week and blessings of Easter Holidays.

Inspired to Excellence

Your Friend & Partner in Mission,
The Rev. Evalyn Wakhusama

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