Introducing the new sponsored learners to the Nambale Magnet School!


February 6, 2017 - With the eighth grade class having done so well, we focus our attention on keeping the excellence going. As the saying goes: Staying on top is as challenging and getting to the top! These are our new sponsored learners that started in the "baby class" in January...

They will be loved, nurtured and educated by the best teachers and given opportunities never before imaginable! Given access to a competitive education, these children will stabilize the community that even as children they give back to in the way of service to others.

The Nambale Magnet School prepares children for their journey through life with the educational skills to not just survive but flourish. The approach of the school is a holistic view of the individual. The vulnerable student population by far and large enters the school in crisis and trauma due to the circumstances of extreme poverty, weakness, malnutrition, and sometimes abuse.

In addition to the children's educational needs, the children are cared for by social workers to assist them in healing from their trauma. The School farm meets the children's nutritional needs. The fresh food offers the benefit of better health, vitality and also increases the ability to learn.
Our goal is to continue to provide such opportunities to as many children as we can and in growing create future financial sustainability so that at the end run, the school will be self-sustaining.

We hope that you can assist us with this important work.

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