NMS Takes Precaution Against the Coronavirus Threat

March 17, 2020 -  Since the Coronavirus started making headlines, the Nambale Magnet School has been vigilant about the virus threat. Our School nurse took the NMS staff through an exercise of mitigating the threat of COVID-19; she emphasized  regular hand washing, sanitizing all places, distancing self and created awareness of what to do in the event of a suspected case.

Yesterday, following the Government’s directive, we released all learners to go back home for a period yet to be announced. We put stringent measures at the gate with a large sign restricting visitors. Anyone coming in must their wash hands at the gate on entry and exit.

All the learners are now settled at home. Though gone for just a day, we already miss them so much. They are the life of NMS and in their absence, it is too quiet, except for little traffic on the Busia-Nambale road. There are no children running across the field and happy giggles heard in the background of my office. It’s oddly serene at such a time of the year! We just hope this will pass fast and bring back normalcy.

In the past, as Kenyans, the Flu has never been considered a grave disease since we battle with more severe diseases such as malaria, typhoid, HIV/AIDS etc. This time, we are faced with something new that radically shifts the typical communal practices. This pandemic is changing the social fabric in very unexpected ways.

We are learning to give thanks for the life we have led without a care, even with our spaces now carefully watched and guarded, lest we catch the COVID-19! 

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