Sustainability Progress at Nambale Magnet School

February 15, 2020 - Two major systems were recently funded through the assistance of the Rotary Internationaland the Sat Nam Foundation.

Rotary International

A massive drought earlier in the year created food shortages in addition to a water shortage that caused operating expenses for the school to go through the roof. Water insecurity is unimaginable to first world countries but a harsh reality in many parts of Africa. Water has become the gold standard in most third world countries. For this reason, Rotary international decided to make water projects on its list of global priorities

The Rotary International granted NMS a water project which includes a new well, water tower, gray water filtration system and bio-digester


The gray water filtration system uses sand to filter gray water to use for irrigation on the farm.

The bio digester collects the human and animal waste and separates it into two components. Methane bio gas that can be used to cook and the solid slurry bi product becomes fertilizer for the farms vegetable gardens.

It is a full cycle system provides enough water for the schools population, bio gas to use for cooking so there is no more need to use firewood to cook, fertilizer and water for the school farm.

Sat Nam Foundation

Members of the Sat Nam Foundation spent some time at the Nambale Magnet School in September and raised money for a photo voltaic array.


The Sat Nam Foundation also interested in sustainable means, donated solar panels to assist the school in becoming independent for a very unreliable grid. Power outages are common place in areas of rural Kenya. The power outages are unpredictable and can last for days.

This interrupts the daily life at the school at the school. Never to lose a teachable moment, solar energy was woven into the curriculum at the time of the installation so that there would be a greater understanding of the technology driving the more reliable source of electricity.

It has been Cornerstones project's mission to use sustainable means to develop the school both ecologically ad through Micro economies. These are both very big victories for us!

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