Third 8th Grade Class Graduates with Flying Colors!

December 4, 2018 - It is hard to believe that this graduating class marks the third graduating class and the 11th year of the Nambale Magnet School since it opened its doors to the first baby class of 30 three and four year olds. The first baby class is now going into the 11th grade and are all enrolled in high school on scholarship. The trajectory of their lives have been changed by the existence of the Nambale Magnet School.


From our first graduating class and with each graduating class since, the bar continues to rise from its already winning status. Each 8th grade class has achieved better test scores on the eighth grade exam with each passing year, meeting and breaking its own record each year! The Nambale Magnet School is now proving a consistent performance that maintains its status as the top school in the entire Busia County.

This is an unimaginable source of pride to the children of the school that started at the school often homeless and traumatized. This sort of success for the learners is of their future and their boosting the confidence of the students and of the community as a whole. When hard work meets with encouragement and nurturing amazing things do happen! A renewed sense of civic pride is emerging from the ruin of abject poverty and despair.

My heart goes out the disciplined efforts on the part of the staff and the students. To be there in person is the only way a person and grasp the energy of enthusiasm, love and gratitude you see around the school in its bustling activities.


The children work hard but they are also nurtured and allowed to have fun. Their faces are full of hope. The trauma replaced by enthusiasm to learn with the encouragement that these children can be the masters of their own future. This was a sharp contrast to other places I have visited where the atmosphere is of jaded callous resign to shut down to a system that offers no hope.

Go NMS!!! May it continue to grow and prosper through your generous support! Congratulations to another successful graduating class!!

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