David is currently in Grade Six. The fifth of seven children, he came to the Nambale Magnet School in 2019 from St. Lawrence Ojamoong in Okilidu Village.

David tells us, "I am grateful for the opportunity to study at NMS. Before I came here, I would go to school barefoot and with an empty stomach. Come lunchtime I would again walk back home and most times there was nothing to eat. My parents could not afford to buy books for all of us and being the youngest, I suffered the most. Sometimes my siblings and I had to work on people's farms to get money to buy books or pay for exams.

"When I came to NMS I was delighted because I got a new home. I was given a new uniform and books, teachers come to class and they teach us well and guide us. Now I sleep in my own bed and have a warm blanket. We are given healthy food and we eat on time. I have enough time to read and concentrate on my studies," he adds, with his special smile.

David's favorite subject is Mathematics and he hopes to be a medical doctor one day.

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